DesignFeatures of the turquoise kitchen interior design
Features of the turquoise kitchen interior design

Features of the turquoise kitchen interior design

modern turquoise kitchen interior design

Almost weightless, very gentle, filled with air…
This is exactly how turquoise cuisine appears in the dreams of its future owners, and this is exactly how it appears in the photos of fashionable designs and references. However, this color is rather non-standard and contradictory, therefore it requires careful handling. In order for the interior of the kitchen in turquoise tones to turn out really harmonious and please you day after day, it is important to observe some rules for the design of the kitchen space in such an unusual shade of turquoise.

Every little thing is important: the intensity, the warmth of the shade used, the proportions in which it is used, the overall color scheme in the room.
We will tell you more about this in this article.

Turquoise color in the interior kitchens: features of color perception and its influence on us

Shades of turquoise are applicable in many styles. They can be saturated, which will make them a real magnet of attention and views, or they can be soft, pastel, delicate.

Turquoise color in the interior kitchens

Turquoise is usually associated with wealth, independence and luxury. In addition, looking at the turquoise color, according to the results of numerous surveys, many build an associative row with creativity, love, happiness and purity.

Turquoise color in the interior kitchen

What effect can turquoise shades have on a person? First of all, this is relaxation after a working day and a positive attitude. Have you ever noticed that when you look at the turquoise color, the mood seems to get better? But it really is! It evokes the most pleasant associations: with the sea, the sky…

Turquoise color in the interior

But remember that even the most beautiful shade of turquoise can spoil an unsuccessfully chosen companion color. Also, you should not use turquoise in the kitchen in too large quantities, because there is a danger that the opposite effect will occur – such a design will cause a depressive
state, fatigue. It is better to find the golden mean – turquoise color in a moderate amount will add brightness to the interior, enliven it.

turquoise in the kitchen

About the variety of shades of turquoise

Turquoise color combines blue and green. Depending on the proportions in which they are present in it, one or another shade is obtained – light, bright or, conversely, dark and dull. Turquoise becomes cold if blue color prevails in it. Warm – if green prevails.

How the turquoise kitchen design will turn out in the end largely depends on the shade used, saturation, subtone, brightness, as well as on the chosen style.

About the advantages of turquoise

Among the undeniable advantages that turquoise is famous for, you can list the following:

– has a calming effect on the nervous system;

– brings a pleasant freshness and coolness to the room;

– makes the interior spectacular and elegant;

– fits perfectly into any interior style;

– contributes to the visual expansion of space, so it can be used not only in large, spacious rooms, but also in small-sized ones. Do not forget to dilute the color palette of the interior with white in sufficient quantity.

About the variety of shades of turquoise

Are there any disadvantages?

Like everything in this world, turquoise color has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. The latter include:

– it is quite difficult to choose artificial lighting for the kitchen in turquoise;

– coldness – if you use too much turquoise, the kitchen may seem very uncomfortable, it will be uncomfortable to be in it;

– excessive activity and ostentation can occur if you use too saturated turquoise in large quantities.

About the most successful color combinations: turquoise + …

Turquoise in the kitchen interior looks decent. But here it is important to choose the right shade. It is important that only one color dominates, and the second one plays an auxiliary function.

Have you decided to use turquoise color for the design of the kitchen interior? Thanks to the variety of shades, any duets are possible. However, the most attractive combinations are still listed.


White and turquoise the kitchen is the embodiment of lightness and conciseness. Spending time in such an interior is a pleasure!

And if it suddenly seems to you that there is too cold, even somewhat formal atmosphere in such a kitchen, arm yourself with a small number of bright details. This will successfully dilute the interior, make it more lively.

About the advantages of turquoise


Gray-turquoise kitchen – such a duet will make the kitchen incredibly elegant, noble and even strict. These colors balance each other: gray doesn’t seem boring, and turquoise is too active.

advantages of turquoise


Beige and turquoise cuisine turns out to be very light and airy. Beige “warms” the cold turquoise design. Any natural shades are appropriate.

Beige and turquoise cuisine


The combination turns out to be 100% fashionable and stylish. But proportions are especially important here. This duet will be really successful only if black is presented in minimal quantities. It is better to give preference to a light shade of turquoise – it will soften the black. Since turquoise visually
expands the space, gives more space, then such details made in black, such as a kitchen apron, etc., will not make the interior any heavier.

And if the black kitchen is additionally decorated with turquoise lighting, then the interior will look as stylish as possible.


With a competent approach, the turquoise-yellow design of the kitchen can be incredibly beautiful and at the same time very original. At the same time, the main thing is to use not very bright tones, but shades bordering on pastel.

design of the kitchen


As well as beige, brown will be a great companion for the kitchen in turquoise tones. It will bring natural motifs into it, make it warmer, softer.

kitchen`s design


As we mentioned earlier, the turquoise color includes green, so the combination with it, at least, will not be contradictory and, at most, will fill the space with comfort, warmth, and also noticeably improve the mood! In the kitchen in turquoise tones, it is important that the colors are combined in saturation, that is, one of them should be paler than the other.


Orange is better to make an accent and use as a decor. It will look great on a turquoise background and will bring a festive and fun atmosphere to the turquoise kitchen.

turquoise background kitchen


This color is also better to use in moderation, if we are talking about its use in the kitchen in turquoise tones. A duet of red with turquoise is an ideal option for creating a marine–style kitchen interior.


Contrasts of cold and warm shades are one of the most relevant trends of recent years. Shades of rose and turquoise form a very elegant and delicate duet. Turquoise kitchen, in the interior of which such a combination of colors is at least unusual!

pink kitchen

Coral and salmon shades of the same degree of saturation will also look good.

Coral and salmon shades at kitchen design

Interesting ideas for turquoise kitchen

Lighting and companion colors are factors that have a greater influence on how the turquoise kitchen and its design will be perceived.

For example, if the kitchen windows “look” to the north side, it is better to give preference to warm turquoise shades – those based on which there is a yellow undertone.

Interesting ideas for turquoise kitchen

If the side is sunny, then cold shades of turquoise kitchen will look quite appropriate, while the use of warm
ones is also not prohibited.

Also pay attention to the size of the room. If the area is large enough, you can afford to use saturated, dark shades of turquoise. The turquoise kitchen in the photo is a vivid proof of this.

ideas for turquoise kitchen

The most harmonious in this case will be their duet with white. The kitchen, decorated in such a color scheme, will turn out to be concise, stylish and modern.

turquoise kitchen

Turquoise kitchen in the interior of a small-sized room suggests that the use of saturated and bright turquoise is not prohibited, but its quantity should be reduced.

Turquoise kitchen in the interior

The light turquoise kitchen will look especially fresh and tender. This solution will fill you with the sea surf and give you a great mood.

The light turquoise kitchen

Turquoise walls will make a great background for a snow-white kitchen apron and a headset.

Turquoise kitchen decor

Also, turquoise is perfectly shaded by wooden interior elements – it can be part of the modules of a kitchen set, a floor, a turquoise kitchen with a wooden countertop, etc.

What to decorate in the kitchen in turquoise?

The following colors in turquoise will look especially well in the kitchen interior:

– one of the walls – such an accent will diversify the interior, favorably shade and highlight the alternative color of the kitchen set;

the kitchen interior

– kitchen apron – it does not matter whether it is decorated in this color completely or partially, in any case, the brightness of the mood will be set. This solution will look most advantageous in a room in which white color prevails;

What to decorate in the kitchen in turquoise?

– the countertop is a very non–trivial solution that can be found quite rarely. However, undoubtedly, it looks very stylish and
interesting. For example, as in this dark turquoise kitchen;

decorate in the kitchen in turquoise

– curtains – will help to regulate the flow of daylight entering the room, as well as decorate the interior. If your goal is a kitchen with turquoise accents, then this is a great option;

– the ceiling – turquoise color of the walls in the kitchen is not the only option for decorating the surfaces of the room in this shade. If you have a bright kitchen made in soft shades, then the turquoise ceiling is an option that is quite appropriate. The main thing is not to make it too
saturated and bright, as this may cause an unpleasant effect of “pressure” from above.

Choosing a style for a turquoise kitchen

In terms of style, turquoise color is universal. It will look equally good in romantic Provence, and in a rough loft, and in refined neoclassicism, and in modern high-tech style, and a little rough rustic country motifs. Let’s look at the most popular solutions. A variety of turquoise kitchens, design, photos – all this is presented below.

Modern turquoise kitchen

Modern style is an organic combination of home comfort with thoughtful practicality to the smallest detail. Due to the fact that the simplest forms and clear geometry prevail in the style, the most daring combinations of colors and textures can be used in such an interior.

Classic wooden furniture will look great in a duet with turquoise acrylic inserts.

There is no need to hide the technique – high-tech motifs are appropriate here, which are also expressed, as a rule, in metal lamps of uncomplicated shapes and in chrome fittings. Combinations of turquoise matte and glossy surfaces will look very interesting.

Choosing a style for a turquoise kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen in turquoise color

The basis of any Scandinavian – style interior is natural materials and the lightest colors. And if the soul requires colors, giving individuality to the design, the use of bright colored accents. And then turquoise will come in handy! After all, she is perfect for this. Use a white or beige finish, wooden furniture in the simplest design, textiles made of cotton or linen. In shades of turquoise in this it is better to decorate the decor, kitchen utensils, lamps and other small things.

Modern turquoise kitchen

Turquoise in the Provence-style kitchen

How does turquoise color behave in the interiors of kitchen remodeling Provence-style kitchens? Usually, it gets a whitish shade, becomes very light, as if burned out. Combinations of such turquoise with equally pale yellow, lavender, pink, and azure are especially successful in custom remodeling. Perhaps such duets are an ideal option in order to convey the atmosphere of freshness in Mediterranean and southern France.

A good solution in custom remodeling would be to use kitchen utensils and turquoise-colored dishes. Textiles in pale shades with small floral and floral patterns will give additional lightness and airiness to the custom remodeling interior.

Scandinavian kitchen in turquoise color

Turquoise loft in the kitchen

A loft-style kitchen, as a rule, creates the impression of a brutal room with rough finishes and careless details. Concrete, brick, eclectic decor, among the elements of which you can find a variety of things – from high-tech to antiques – all this is typical of the loft style. Turquoise color can be used here in various details: refrigerator, sofa, textiles, etc. The loft-style kitchen decorations can be reproductions of paintings by famous artists, works of contemporary artists. At the same time, they will look quite organically with untreated ceiling beams, open communication pipes. And a dining table with a countertop that combines natural wood and turquoise epoxy resin is a very beautiful solution that will become the center of attraction for the attention of guests and enthusiastic reviews about the interior of your kitchen!

Turquoise in the Provence-style kitchen

Neoclassical turquoise kitchen

Modern classics welcome the deepest and most saturated shades of turquoise. They look great in a duet with natural wood, gilt, bronze or brass elements. The decor or inserts made of natural turquoise will look especially original.

Turquoise loft in the kitchen

The interior of the kitchen in turquoise tones is certainly one of the most interesting interior

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Features of the turquoise kitchen interior design

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