DesignDesign of a bright red kitchen in a modern interior
Design of a bright red kitchen in a modern interior

Design of a bright red kitchen in a modern interior

Design of a bright red kitchen

Love, bright emotions are what red is primarily associated with. He has an incredible brightness, liveliness, warmth, piercing. It is able to cheer up and give a wonderful mood. However, when decorating the interior, it should be used with extreme caution. And of all the possible options, the kitchen will look the best in red.

Design of a bright kitchen

Design of a red kitchen

Red in the kitchen – for whom is this the best option? It has long been proven that color can affect a person, his mood and health. Kitchen interior decoration in red can become a real necessity for those who suffer from diseases such as: slow heartbeat, low blood pressure, depression, anemia.

Also, the red kitchen in the interior is shown to people who are prone to melancholy and despondency, adults and children whose appetite cannot be called good. In addition, red will be appropriate in houses and apartments where it is damp and cold, and the windows face the north side.

bright red kitchen

Kitchens of red colors and shades give the interior comfort and warmth. Having breakfast in the space decorated in this way, the hosts will be charged with cheerfulness and positivity from the very morning. At lunch they will get extra energy, and in the evening they will be able to open a second wind and tune into the atmosphere of romance.

However, it should be borne in mind that the use of red in the design of the kitchen in too large quantities can lead to negative consequences. Excess
red is contraindicated for those who suffer from mental disorders, as this color in too large a dosage can cause aggression and uncontrolled rage. Also, the design of the red kitchen is contraindicated for hypertensive patients and people suffering from heart disease, because they have an abundance of red color can cause a sudden jump in blood pressure or a heart attack.

red kitchen

bright red kitchen

Choosing the right shade of red for kitchen decoration

If in your dreams there is a kitchen remodeling in red tones, then so that in reality this tone does not become bad, when choosing a shade, it should be taken into account that red does not necessarily have to be bright scarlet. After all, his palette is very wide and diverse, and everyone will be able to find exactly the shade that is best suited specifically for him. When undertaking a remodeling contractor project, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and the available color options to achieve the desired look for your kitchen.

Choosing the right shade of red for kitchen decoration

Remember that red is the most powerful color in its effect on a person. And the principle by which it should be used sounds like this: less is better than more. Despite the fact that red is included in the warm palette, its shades can be divided into cold and warm. The latter are better to choose for
the design of apartments in which the kitchen windows face the north. And, conversely, cold shades will be appropriate in warm kitchens filled with sunlight.

the right shade of red for kitchen decoration

shade of red for kitchen decoration

kitchen decoration

Red kitchen: photos and design rules

If you have a small red kitchen, then it is better to use red here in a minimum amount. Let it be small accents, and it is better to make the base in
calm neutral colors. Thus, even the most banal interior kitchens, thanks to the presence of red accents, will seem more lively and festive. This is an excellent solution for kitchens in Khrushchev apartments, the area of which, perhaps, can be called the smallest possible.

Red kitchen: photos and design rules

Red kitchen: design rules

The main advantage of such decorative design is that you can transform the kitchen, change it in the shortest possible time. It will be enough just to change the decor if the red color suddenly starts to annoy you.

decorative design is that you can transform the kitchen

Learn more about how to make a kitchen with red accents

Small decor in the kitchen in red is a solution that seems insufficient to you? Then you can also make furniture, household appliances, window openings design red.  However, it is not necessary to make out these colors all at once, because it can have an unpleasant pressure effect on people who are in a small kitchen space.

Small decor in the kitchen

The ideal option is to create one or two bright details in the interior that will become a magnet for everyone’s attention. For example, it can be an apron for a red kitchen.

Small decor in the kitchen

Modern manufacturers of household appliances know that color options are now in trend. In addition to standard white or chrome versions, colored
household appliances are also produced. In the shops you can find red dishwashers, hoods, dish dryers and so on.

kitchen furniture

If we talk about kitchen furniture, then in this case the choice becomes even wider: red sofas, stools, kitchen corners, bar counters, kitchens with red facades – all this you can choose in the desired style and set the necessary parameters.

If we talk about accents in the form of red curtains, then their choice should be treated with special responsibility and caution. Remember that they should not be dense and monotonous, because in this case they will be very similar to the curtain of the theater. Lightweight tulle curtains or blinds will be an excellent solution.

kitchen red furniture

kitchen decor

If dense curtains are needed, it is better to choose a fabric with a striped, checkered or floral pattern. In general, the main thing is
to dilute the red color with something.

red kitchen decor

Maximum red

If the kitchen has a large area, it is already possible to afford the use of red on a larger scale. For example, as one of the basic colors of interior decoration. Such solutions as red walls in the kitchen or interior will already be appropriate here kitchens with a red headset.

big red kitchen design

red style kitchen

But at the same time, it should still be remembered that, as a percentage, it should occupy no more than 50 percent of the total area. The ideal option is no more than 30%.

In what styles can a red kitchen be decorated?

Red can be a bright blow to high technology

We are talking about how to design a high-tech kitchen in this color. It is characterized by an abundance of materials such as metal, plastic, glass. The distinctive features of the hi-tech style are the strictness of lines, high functionality of the design of the space. In order to give comfort to such an interior, you can use crimson, dark cherry and scarlet shades of red, which are perfectly combined with black and white inserts and chrome details.

In what styles can a red kitchen be decorated?

Red can be a bright blow to high technology

Red in an industrial loft

Loft is a relatively recent architectural style that originated in the fifties and sixties of the last century in New York, and gradually reached us. Despite the fact that the loft interior is characterized by a wide factory scale, this style is applicable for the design of even small Khrushchev. The main thing at the same time is to choose the right color solutions and zone the room.

The red color in this case can be embodied in an untreated brick wall of dark red or terracotta shades. This is a perfect background for shelving made of rough wooden boards or a dining group made of metal.

Red in an industrial loft

Oriental style kitchen

Perhaps, it is in oriental styles that red has the widest possibilities for application. In this case, all shades of red are appropriate. Oriental styles – it’s Arabic, Moroccan, Chinese. Of course, they will differ in decor, color combinations and overall style. Arabic and Moroccan styles are characterized by openwork carvings and many ornaments.

Arabic style kitchen

In the Arabic style, neutral tones are used as a base, which are generously diluted bright accents, among the latter can be shades of red: ruby, burgundy, terracotta colors. In the Moroccan style, more saturated and heavy tones are used: purple, burgundy, dark blue, warm yellow, carmine red, emerald shades.

Oriental style kitchen

In the Chinese style, red is also welcome. In addition, it is characterized by natural duets, such as blue, white, dark green, black, gold – and all this in one space.

Chinese style kitchen

Red color in the kitchen of the Victorian era

In this case, such a shade of red as noble bordeaux is used. It forms an exquisite duet with dark wood, taking us to the middle of the XIX century. Eclecticism is one of the features of this style, because it combines elements of Gothic, classical, Rococo and exotic. However, keep in mind that when choosing this style for decorating the kitchen in red, photo examples of which you can see below, it is necessary to maintain it in other rooms of the apartment or house.

Combinations of red with other shades of the palette


The red-black duet is perhaps the most provocative combination and in its pure form it is used extremely rarely, since such an interior turns out to be especially gloomy. And even if you are planning to create a Gothic-style kitchen, this space it is better to dilute with gray, white and other softer tones, pastel shades. In order to create the most stable interior, choose the calmest shades of red and remember: the more white, the more spacious the room will seem.


Red and white cuisine is a classic that does not require the use of any other tones. But if you suddenly think that such a kitchen looks boring, you can try alternating different types of surfaces. One of the most striking examples is the mosaic floor.

Red color in the kitchen of the Victorian era


In order to create maximum comfort in the kitchen, a beige-red duet will suit perfectly. The choice of such shades as straw, sand,
earth is especially successful. In addition, such shades of red as pink, crimson or burgundy are perfectly combined with beige. These duets are typical of classic retro interiors. They can also be found in Art Nouveau.

maximum comfort in the kitchen

maximum comfort in the red kitchen


Kitchen in red style with green accents – this duet can be called the most natural. But only if the colors match each other in their natural tone. You can not use acidic shades. Choose a deep dark emerald green color – this will make the interior as calm as possible. It is suitable for such shades of red as carmine, bordeaux, cherry, coral.

Kitchen in red style


Blue and Red “it’s ice and fire. The predominance of one of these colors will determine the room temperature. Basic blue will make the kitchen interior cool. And the base red is warm.

blue end red kitchen


Red kitchens with orange, photos of designs of which are presented here, prove that this is the warmest color duo. When choosing it, consider the side on which the windows of your kitchen overlook. If it is the south or the east, then it is better to abandon the orange-red cuisine. If this is the north, feel free to proceed with the design.

Red kitchen with orange

Red and brown are pretty close shades, so they will look very harmonious in the design of the kitchen interior. The use of this duet is especially successful when creating an English-style kitchen. You can embody it in wooden furniture in natural wood shades, as well as dark cherry and burgundy accessories. The kitchen interior in this case will turn out really luxurious!

English-style kitchen

The classic scarlet shade of red is quite rare in real interiors, because it is a very active color that requires a large area. However, if you have kitchen-living room, then there will be no difficulties with this. The design of the kitchen in red, the photo of which is presented below, is a vivid proof of this.

kitchen-living room

Often, a combination of red, white and gray colors is chosen for kitchen-living rooms, because they perfectly emphasize the intensity and balance each other. Of course, there are more exotic solutions, but it is better to entrust their implementation to professional designers.

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Design of a bright red kitchen in a modern interior

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