DesignFeatures of the interior design of the blue kitchen
Features of the interior design of the blue kitchen

Features of the interior design of the blue kitchen

A blue kitchen in the interior is a great idea for those who prefer the design of the space in a cold meditative palette and adores the theme of the sea. Blue expresses calmness, but if desired, it can become anything! Of course, the kitchen in blue is an easy and fresh solution. In this article we will tell you all the nuances of how to properly design kitchen interiors in this color, as well as present blue kitchens with photos that will certainly inspire you! Enjoy reading.

design of the blue kitchen

About the features and characteristics of blue

When creating a blue kitchen design, try to take into account the following points:

1. Using saturated shades of blue in excess can be annoying — to prevent such an undesirable effect, try to maintain a balance of dark and light.

That is, the darker the shade of blue you use, the more light tones there should be in the space. This is necessary so that the kitchen does not end up too gloomy and cluttered.

design of the kitchen

2. One of the main conditions for a successful kitchen design with a blue accent is the creation of a good lighting system. Of course, it is necessary that the luminous flux from the window comes in sufficient quantities during the day, and in order not to disturb it in any way, it is better to decorate the window openings with light translucent fabrics or leave them empty altogether. Artificial lighting should be presented in the form of a large number of lamps. It can be not only chandeliers, but also floor lamps, sconces, spotlights, LED strips, etc.

modern design of the blue kitchen

3. Use blue in a duet with some other color – at the same time, he himself can become both the main, and additional, and accent, since this is a truly universal tone. Ideally, the proportions of the palette are as follows: the main color accounts for 60%, the additional shade — 30%, and accents — 10%.

blue kitchen

4. Do not forget that blue has a significant effect on the room temperature — it will cool even in the heat, but in the cold you need to be careful — in order not to create the impression of a too cold room, it is better to include warm tones in the design palette, too.

5. Blue has an interesting effect on a person — it reduces appetite, so this design of the room will be especially relevant for those who are on a diet.

blue kitchen decor

Advantages and disadvantages of blue

For all its versatility, blue still cannot be called a simple color. It has a huge number of advantages:

– if you properly dose the use of blue in the interior palette, it will have a calming effect;

Advantages and disadvantages of blue kitchen

– providing a beneficial effect on mental activity;

– helps to lower blood pressure;

– makes the interior more noble and strict in perception;

– refreshes the space;

– fits perfectly into almost any style, but looks best in the Mediterranean and scandinavian.

Advantages of blue kitchen

Disadvantages of blue kitchen

dark blue kitchen

modern dark blue kitchen

However, the blue color also has disadvantages:

– if you are not trying to lose weight, in addition, there are children in the house, the decrease in appetite that causes the blue color can have a negative effect;

– the room may seem like a chamber if the daylight will come inside in insufficient quantity;

– if the kitchen windows face the north side, you need to use blue with extreme caution so that there is no risk of creating too cold and uncomfortable interior. Be sure to add yellow, orange and beige shades;

– if the kitchen has a large area, then blue can enhance this effect, while depriving the atmosphere of the lion’s share of comfort.

About the variety of shades of blue

Their own taste preferences — people tend to focus on them, choosing the shade of blue in which they would like to see their kitchen. The fact that each tone has its own characteristics cannot be forgotten either:

– azure is a light translucent shade of blue, which is similar to the one that the sky acquires in sunny weather. Most often it is used as the main shade of the design palette. It looks great in a duet with bright and warm tones;

About the variety of shades of blue

– cyanide is a shade of blue, characterized by depth and the presence of a green undertone and sets a festive atmosphere in the space. Sometimes it is characterized as a poisonous blue. Cyanide can often be seen in the design of modern interiors;


– forget—me-not – despite the fact that this tone is quite saturated, it does not lose its tenderness, lightness and sophistication. Perfect for creating a background or decorating the facades of a kitchen set;

blue decor

Photo from the source:

– cornflower blue — this shade is often used in the design of furniture and textiles. It is characterized by dynamism and cheerfulness;

cornflower blue

– indigo — a tone characterized by special saturation and depth. It has a violet undertone. Most often it is used as accents;


– turquoise is a blue color that has two subtones at once — sea wave and green. For the most spectacular design of the space, it is better to use it with contrasting colors;

indigo blue

– etc

There is a conditional division into light and dark shades. If you use the latter in a small room in large quantities, there is a risk of creating a too gloomy interior. Therefore, special care must be taken when using them. If you are lucky with the kitchen area and it turned out to be quite spacious, but you should not be afraid of dark excesses. The dark blue kitchen looks incredibly noble.

dark blue kitchen looks incredibly noble

Speaking of light blue shades, I would like to note that there are much fewer requirements for the design of the kitchen in them. But since these are, as a rule, the coldest interiors in perception, and the creation of a light blue kitchen will be appropriate only in those rooms whose windows face the sunny side.

Kitchen in blue tones: how not to overdo it?

If a modern blue kitchen is your dream, but you are afraid to overdo it with the use of blue, then you can use this color as an accent. This will refresh the space, which is especially important on hot days.

What can you do with blue if you want to create blue accents in the interior?

– apron;

Kitchen in blue tones

Kitchen in blue colors

If blue is so beloved by you that you decided to make it the base shade of the design, be sure to dilute it with warm, light shades.

Kitchen in blue: a combination of colors

The perfect companion — so you can say with full confidence about the blue color, because in combination with a wide variety of colors, both bright and delicate, it looks just fine! Consider the most commonly used combinations in kitchen interiors.

With white

The blue kitchen, the photo of which is presented here, is a vivid proof that this color looks great with white! The interior turns out to be harmonious, stylish, very restrained, and strict. The atmosphere of freshness and cleanliness reigns here. Visually, this combination makes the room more spacious: the walls are wider and the ceilings are higher.

The most popular solution in this case for a kitchen remodeling project is the decoration of the walls, apron, and work surface in white, and the kitchen set itself in blue.

Perhaps such a “sea” combination will seem unnecessarily cold to someone. To eliminate the occurrence of such an effect during your remodeling project, consider adding yellow and orange accents. The role of the latter can be assumed by vases, fruits, posters, or paintings, as well as flowers (artificial or natural). If you’re looking for a reliable remodeling company to help you achieve this look, make sure to consult with experts in kitchen remodeling for the best results.

Kitchen in blue: a combination of colors

In addition, when creating a white-blue combination, it is important to remember that white also has many shades:

– cream;

cream color

– snow;

snow colors kitchen

– melted milk;

melted milk kitchen

– pearls, mother of pearl;

pearls, mother of pearl kitchen

– cotton;

cotton kitchen

– and others .

Warm tones will make the room more elegant and noble.

With gray

The overwhelming number of shades of gray are perfectly combined with blue. At the same time, gray itself, if compared with the previous version — white, has the following advantages:

– not annoying;

– does not give the impression that the room is too sterile;

– not capable of blinding.

Let’s list the most interesting combinations:

– pale lilac with pearl;

– lavender with silver;

– deep blue with classic gray.

As a rule, a blue kitchen is used in the interior, as in the photo, where only the facades are decorated in blue, and all other surfaces are gray. It is important to dilute the blue-gray duet with light shades. It can be not only snow-white, but also light beige tones.

Due to the versatility of the whole trinity: gray, white, and blue, they can be used in kitchen spaces in any proportions. This is a 100% elegant solution!

deep blue with classic gray kitchen

blue with classic gray kitchen

With yellow

Designers strongly recommend using only two shades of yellow in combination with blue:

– the one that has an orange undertone (warm);

– the one based on blue (cold).

Which one should I choose? Everything is simple here! Look at which side the kitchen windows face. If it’s sunny, then choose cold yellow, if, on the contrary, then give preference to warm.

yellow kitchen

With beige

Beige is considered one of the most versatile colors, so you can be sure that it will look good in a duet with blue. It favorably emphasizes the nobility of the blue shade, makes the interior of the kitchen as a whole warmer and more cozy. Beige can be presented in a variety of different shades, which expands the possibilities for finding a really perfect combination.

The best combinations of beige color forms with cornflower blue, indigo, as well as not too saturated azure shade.

The base, as a rule, is a neutral tone, as this is perhaps the best method to make the interior less gloomy or cold.

Especially organically in kitchens decorated in beige and blue tones, furniture made of wood or its high-quality imitations, as well as countertops look. It can be a beautiful work surface imitating walnut, pine, oak, cherry, alder.

biege kitchen

With black

Blue and black are a rather gloomy combination, which is appropriate only in really spacious kitchens, which receive a large stream of daylight from large windows. It is important that a third, lighter color is also present. For example, gray or white. At the same time, the share that it will occupy in the space should be at least 60%. For blue — 30%. It turns out that black is represented in the interior in minimal quantities.

If you decide to create a modern design, then you can decorate the floor in black. At the same time, choose a polymer coating, tile or wood-like material as the material.

Blue and black kitchen

Another successful option for including black in the interior is a black apron on a background of light walls in combination with a kitchen set in blue and white shades.

kitchen set in blue and white shades

With brown

As well as beige, brown has a large number of shades. Consequently, there can be many combinations with blue. Since brown is a color related to the warm range, it will help to make the “cold” coming from the blue color less noticeable and tangible. Before choosing a shade of brown, you should pay attention to the area of the room. If the kitchen is large and there is enough light in it, feel free to use dark shades: bitter chocolate, wenge, black coffee, etc.

brown kitchen

If the kitchen is small, it is better to give preference to lighter shades: flax, walnut, wheat, cream.

kitchen blue

Do you want the blue kitchen in the interior to look the brightest and most dynamic? In this case, pay attention to cognac and terracotta tones.

glow blue kitchen design

Ideally, if you dilute the brown-blue combination with other shades as well: beige or yellow. This will make the interior as cozy as possible.

brown-blue combination

With blue

The blue color always gives a positive! This is a universal tone that looks perfect in combination with blue, as it resembles duets that we can observe in nature — blue sea and blue sky, snow and night sky.

The blue color present in the palette of the space will make it concise, comfortable and refined. This combination is quite appropriate even in the smallest kitchens, as it is visually able to expand and refresh the interior.

With orange

A bright, warm and cozy combination of blue and orange always pleases the eye. If you use orange with blue in a 50-50 ratio, it will look good. However, in order for the design to turn out really harmonious, it is important to treat the choice of pictures with special care and caution.

warm and cozy combination of blue and orange

With green

The kitchen in blue, the design of which also assumes the presence of green shades, is a stylish and rather non—trivial design solution. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to use the classic version of green. You can also look at the beautiful turquoise and olive shades.

Be sure to take into account the features of the room:

If the kitchen is narrow and dark, then choose a lighter green — apple or light green.

Do you want to create an ultramodern interior? In this case, in addition to blue, it is better to choose turquoise.

green kitchen

Olive, mint and pistachio tones will help to give the kitchen room intimacy.

olive kitchen design

With red

It is believed that the duet of blue and red is chosen by the most extraordinary people who strive to realize themselves and achieve success. If the red color is presented in space in too large quantities, it can have too annoying an effect on the psyche, so it is better to dose its use.

red kitchen design

With pink

The combination of pink and blue colors can be very diverse from light carefree duets made up of pastel shades to unusual and daring with bright saturated tones.

The combination of pink and blue colors design

With a tree

Natural wood shades can be safely attributed to subspecies of brown. But we have singled them out separately, because the tree is diverse, versatile and can be used in any quantity and in a wide variety of styles.

For example, light wood shades will perfectly fit into the kitchen, decorated in a nautical style, and dark — in classic interiors.

wood shades will perfectly fit into the kitchen

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Features of the interior design of the blue kitchen

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