DesignInterior in a modern style: characteristic features, ideas and projects
Interior in a modern style: characteristic features, ideas and projects

Interior in a modern style: characteristic features, ideas and projects

Modern style in the interior

Have you noticed how popular the word “renovation” was some time ago, that is, modern? In the ads for sale, the mark “renovated apartment” automatically understood its value in price.

But in fact it turned out that everyone understands such repairs in their own way. For some, it is phosphorous wallpaper on the ceiling, for others, frames and window sills “like a tree”, for others – a balcony upholstered with panels. That is, everyone considers fashionable and modern what was relevant in his youth.

And what is it really like, a modern style in interior design. Let’s figure it out.

Interior in a modern style

modern Interior

What is modern style in the interior

Modern style in the interior is a concept that is both capacious and very simple. Here it is impossible to give him any clear definition, as it was before: such a style is fashionable, period. Individuality is in fashion now, first of all. That is, your house should not be the same as others, it should be exactly yours, so that it is you who feel comfortable in it, so that your apartment cannot be confused with another one, as in the New Year’s bestseller “With a light steam!” Well, so that the story does not repeat itself with that the most “European renovation”, we will highlight its main features.

What is modern style in the interior

Characteristic features

Modern style in interior design primarily involves a lot of free space. This should be tried to observe even in small apartments.

The main colors for the decor are restrained. And so that it does not cause boredom, we add bright color accents to them.

We also use straight lines and simple geometric shapes in the decor. Any decor should be dosed.

The interior is functional, the furniture defines and supports the concept of different housing zones.

We approach the choice of materials and furniture consciously. Any one-day items are not welcome, each of them, in accordance with the principle of environmental friendliness, should be durable.

Modern style in interior

Modern style in interior design

Floor, ceiling and walls

The basis of any interior, on which details are then strung like beads, is the floor, ceiling and walls. First of all, it depends on their design how your house will look like. For modern interior design, smooth ceilings are characteristic: simply bleached, stretch, etc., the main thing is that there are no unnecessary, non-conceptual decorations on them. Most often, the ceilings are left white, so it is easier to choose any other design for them. But the hit of the modern interior is considered to be colored ceilings, sometimes even black, if only they fit into the overall concept.

For wall decoration, you should choose discreet colors. And all because the modern approach to their design suggests that they should not be the same. That is, it is not necessary to glue the whole room with the same wallpaper. Leave three walls plain, and make an accent on one – wallpaper with a geometric print, floral or even with a landscape. If this is too bold for you, scatter color spots on this wall, for example, posters with images you like.

For finishing the floor, choose natural ecological materials. So your house will breathe.

The basis of any interior

interior design for home

Create the interiors of your dreams

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Choose from a huge catalog of ready-made images from famous designers and famous artists or create your own ornaments.

inspiring design ideas


When choosing furniture for a modern interior, we also adhere to the principle of simplicity and environmental friendliness. Various decorations have become a thing of the past, now the most simple furniture facades, simple shapes, without panels are relevant.

The furniture itself should be durable in quality, wear-resistant. And in style – timeless. Now all designers say that the main trend in the design of a modern interior is to serve for a long time, not to bother, and any alterations in it could be carried out with minimal costs. In this regard, one of the trends is the use of vintage furniture, which was given a second life.

furniture for a modern interior

modern furniture for interior

Color scheme

According to the principle noted above – not to bother and be durable, the color scheme of the modern interior is also chosen. Therefore, there is a categorical “no” to dark wallpaper with a dark huge ornament or, conversely, bright with huge prints. Such a room will not only bring you back to the USSR, but also will not add peace of mind. Therefore, when thinking over the overall color scheme of the interior, think about which colors you like and choose their most calm shades. And then add brightness with different accents.

By the way, it will look very interesting if you design each room in a different color, of course, taking into account their location relative to the cardinal directions.

color scheme of the modern interior

color scheme of the interior

Features of the decor

As we have already said, the basic principle of decor in a modern interior is simplicity and no frills. Everything here corresponds to the principle of ergonomics to make life easier for a person. For example, if there are glass inserts in interior doors, then they should be of the simplest shapes – so it is easier to wipe dust from them.

Lambrequins on curtains are also a thing of the past, because it took a lot of time to design such a window. The simplest curtains are relevant now. In some versions, even lightweight, such as dense tulle. They are often replaced with Roman blinds or blinds. Well, the most advanced ones do without curtains at all.

All the above details, of course, need to be skillfully combined with each other to get a complete interior. Therefore, inspired by modern design projects, we have selected examples of the design of various premises for you.

Features of the decor

modern design projects

Modern style in the interior of the rooms

The interior of the living room in a modern style

Contemporary style is well suited for her, which translates as “modern”. And in fact, this is “domesticated” minimalism, which will no longer resemble an office.

Make walls of accent colors, for example, dusty gray and one-time whitewashed. Put a comfortable sofa of laconic shapes in a darker gray shade with matching pillows. Add a low square coffee table with a minimalist lamp of urban design. And next to the sofa is a large cactus in a clay pot. This combination will be very relevant.

modern design project

Bedroom interior in a modern style

Bedroom interior in a modern style

A bedroom decorated in the style of an urban cave will look very interesting. Cover the walls with medium–tone gray wallpaper, and place a circle on the wall at the head of the bed – an imitation of a stone. Choose doors and furniture – a chair, bedside tables in the same shade of color. The lamps can be selected in the form of a cocoon wrapped with a rope. Place the same jute laundry basket next to the bed. The bedspread and pillows also need to be picked up in the same color. For decoration, put a stone vase with a field carpet.

modern bedroom interior

bedroom interior

The interior of the kitchen in a modern style

The modern kitchen can be designed in the loft style. It is also very convenient in terms of repairs. The loft style involves deliberately flaunting all technical communications, which means that this will allow you to save on repairs. Well, so that all this does not look rough and unkempt, add a table made of natural wood, an intricate lamp, beautiful dishes and cozy textiles to the kitchen.

The interior of the kitchen in a modern style

The interior of the kitchen

Modern hallway design

An industrial-style hallway will look very interesting. Leave the walls untreated: any rough texture will be good, be it concrete or untreated brick. Put graffiti on one of them or make a kind of signboard. And stylized street lights can also be used as lamps.

Modern hallway design

An industrial-style hallway

Bathroom interior in a modern style

An eco-style bathroom is a godsend for modern design. Plumbing that repeats natural forms. Bamboo cabinets or shelves, the same lamps. Add live plants here, and if there is no such possibility – cereals, dried flowers or driftwood. This interior wins not at the expense of color, but at the expense of interesting shapes.

Bathroom interior in a modern style

modern bathroom interior

Children’s interior in a modern style

It is quite difficult to observe a certain interior in the children’s room: it is unlikely that the child will maintain everything there in the proper form. Therefore, when decorating this room, just follow the basic principles of environmental friendliness, minimalism and functionality. For example, instead of fancy furniture in the form of any figures, choose a simple bed, which can then be adjusted to the growth of the child. Lightweight lockers that won’t clutter up furniture. Replace the curtains with blinds. And unleash the creative energy of the child, because children are the best designers, especially for themselves.

Children's interior in a modern style

Children's room interior in a modern style

Photo examples of interiors in a modern style

Following the principle “it is better to see once than hear a hundred times”, we have selected photos of interiors in a modern style for you. Watch and be inspired!

Photo examples of interiors in a modern style

Photo example of interior in a modern style

interior in a modern style

home interior

interior design in gray colors

interior design in light colors

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Interior in a modern style: characteristic features, ideas and projects

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