DesignInteresting places for wallpaper in the kitchen
interesting places for wallpaper in the kitchen

Interesting places for wallpaper in the kitchen

Some believe that the kitchen, in the interior of which there are wallpapers, are old-fashioned and, so to speak, an endangered species. We will show you where and how to paste wallpaper to make the kitchen look fashionable and modern. First of all, we note that we are not talking about kitchens, where all the walls are in the same wallpaper. We will give examples of their best use – when they not only cover the wall, but decorate the room or emphasize the desired accent. You won’t believe how many places and niches there are for such a creative approach.

Let’s take a look!

Accent wall

In this case, the wallpaper is suitable for this purpose as well as possible. With their help, you can set the desired wall pattern you like and enhance this effect with the appropriate wallpaper texture. Such a design move has been very popular lately, and we wrote about it in more detail in the review of the most beautiful kitchen interiors Of course, this is a very unconventional place for wallpaper, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the effect.

A graphic drawing on one side of the island is an original alternative to standard wooden panels or boring painted sidewalls.

On the hood

Such a move, of course, can be applied if you have a large hood with a large outlet originally designed. Nevertheless, it looks very original and this area can be well “beaten” in the interior. The main thing is to choose the right wallpaper. This approach can “insulate” the situation in the kitchen, especially if there are tiles, stone and metal around.


Another place where you are unlikely to see wallpaper in our kitchens. There are many examples when it is thanks to them that the ceiling is transformed from a dull white surface into a full-fledged component of interior design.

Behind the shelves

In our kitchens, you can sometimes find open shelves without back walls, which is why the wallpaper is visible. But in this case, this is done on purpose and the corresponding drawing is also deliberately selected. This will not only help to create visual diversity, dilute the dominance of the tree, but will decorate the “dead space” behind the shelves.

Behind the stove

This area is part of the work area and is very demanding not only for physical properties, but also for appearance.

Therefore, do not hesitate to make this area a bright and expressive design element.

For example, in this kitchen, the designer made a choice in favor of colorful black and white wallpaper, which made it possible to “link” the dark tones of household appliances, countertops and floors with the white coating of the kitchen set.

You may ask: how to protect the wallpaper in this case?

The question is completely reasonable, because in this area during cooking or washing dishes, you can easily put a stain.

Here are some practical tips that will help you:

  1. Special dense water-repellent wallpaper for kitchen and bathrooms;
  2. Then they can be covered with a specially acrylic protective film;
  3. And the most reliable option is to cover the wallpaper with a transparent acrylic panel (plexiglass);
  4. Quick cleaning: in any case, it is better to adhere to the rule: blurted out – wipe immediately.

For the entire work area

From the method indicated above, this one is distinguished by a larger scale and scope. If you really want to beat some graphics or pattern on this wall, and tiles or stone do not suit you, then wallpaper will be the best option. You can choose a soft floral pattern in pastel colors, which will add elegance to your interior. Do not forget that you need to take care of the protective coating for wallpaper in the area of the sink and stove in advance.

For the entire dining area

Best of all, this option is applicable only to certain layouts, where the dining area has not only a conditional, but also an actual allocation in the kitchen. In this case, with the help of wallpaper, you can set a warmer environment that is conducive to eating and gatherings.

When entering the kitchen

You can say there’s nothing special about it, but it’s really about perception. By highlighting the entrance arch with the appropriate pattern, you thereby visually separate the kitchen from other rooms. Maybe this design solution will help you to sharpen the feeling when you enter the kitchen.


And the last interesting place where wallpaper will come in handy is your pantry. Yes, we agree, not everyone has them in our kitchens, but if you do, then by all means look at these examples.

Wallpaper will help fill the fresh space behind the shelves and can transform this tiny room. By the way, we recently wrote more about various tricks and storage devices in the kitchen. That’s all we wanted to show you. You can find more ideas for the kitchen in other articles of our portal.


In conclusion, exploring interesting places to apply wallpaper in the kitchen can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic and create a unique, inviting space. Whether it’s a bold accent wall, an artistic backsplash, or a cozy breakfast nook, wallpaper adds texture, color, and personality. For those looking to embark on a kitchen makeover, consulting with a professional remodeling company can offer expert advice on the best wallpaper choices and placement to complement your kitchen’s layout and design. Remember, the right wallpaper in the right place can transform your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary, making it a true reflection of your personal style.

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Interesting places for wallpaper in the kitchen

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