DesignTrends in eco renovation
Trends in eco renovation

Trends in eco renovation

Eco renovation is a renovation based on the naturalness of materials and their safety for a person and his loved ones. In addition, in the broadest sense of the word, this is a renovation using raw materials, the production of which was not harmful to nature.

This is a trend in interior design and lifestyle at the same time. A conscious choice to live in harmony and respect with the outside world. This is especially true in families where there are small children, as well as for large cities, where there is often not enough regular breath of fresh air.

Basic principles of eco style

With any alteration, whether it is a comprehensive renovation in a new building or a turn-key renovation of an apartment in secondary housing, safety and comfort are of paramount importance.

These are noise reduction in the apartment, air purification and humidification, water softening and purification, elimination of harmful radiation, use of environmentally friendly materials, landscaping of living space, garbage sorting – principles aimed at a reasonable approach to life.

Eco apartment renovation is now a fashionable modern trend that the younger generation is beginning to introduce and apply in renovations.

What materials do we use for eco-friendly renovations?

Traditionally, eco-style materials include:

  • paints based on natural oils;
  • wooden windows, doors and cabinet furniture, wicker furniture made of willow or rattan;
  • water-dispersion paints and paints based on natural oils;
  • ceramic tile, granite, natural stone;
  • parquet, parquet bamboo board or cork on the floor;
  • paper-based wallpaper and textile wallpaper.

When choosing a material for an eco–style apartment project, the main thing is the composition. Do not believe the prefix “eco” on the label, manufacturers often place it as a tribute to fashion. If you have chosen this style as the basis, then already at the stage of dismantling the old finish, you need to think about the features: sorting and garbage collection, using eco-friendly plaster for rough finishing, working with raw materials that are made from recycled materials, and so on.

Floor covering

Parquet, cork or an array of boards are appropriate as a coating when repairing an apartment in eco-style. Bamboo parquet looks harmonious and beautiful. We pay attention to the components of glue and varnish.

In the area of bathrooms and kitchen, eco–style finishing can be more practical – natural stone, porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles. In addition, now many manufacturers are trying to keep up with the times and in the production of, for example, laminate, they use only eco-friendly varnishes and adhesive bases. Such a laminate will be more expensive than the average, but more budget-friendly than an array of some types of wood.


Trends in eco renovation

Eco-style walls can be decorated in several ways:

  • Paste over with eco-friendly wallpaper. This is a variant of paper wallpaper or wallpaper made of cork, natural fibers such as bamboo or flax. Fabric wallpaper (linen, cotton, silk) looks very stylish and modern. The walls with this type of coating breathe perfectly and are suitable even for an eco-style children’s room and bedroom. Unlike non-woven and vinyl, which may contain synthetic substances and formaldehydes. Now let’s talk about wallpaper glue. The best option would be to choose glue, which is based on casein or starch.
  • Painting the walls. In connection with the fashion for eco-style, there are now many brands of high-quality and safe paints made of natural oils and natural dyes that produce entire lines under the auspices of eco. The simplest and most budget option would be water-based paint or acrylic.

When decorating the walls, you can make an accent in the form of panels or just decorate part of the space with clapboard, eco-friendly decorative plaster, granite or cork.


Trends in eco renovation

The most eco-friendly option for ceiling coverings when repairing eco-style apartments will be painting with a special “eco” paint, water-based or acrylic paint. You can make a stretch ceiling made of fabric, it will look beautiful and stylish. As a decoration, non-standard solutions look interesting: solid wood, parquet board, clapboard.


When choosing furniture, you definitely need to look at the certificate. Because even if the furniture is made of solid wood and natural materials are used as upholstery, finishing and filling, it is necessary to find out the components that were used in the coating of wooden parts, as part of glue or paint. Carefully look and read the labels and certificates. Ideally, the finishing materials for the design of an eco-style apartment should be marked E0 or E1. Live plants in tubs, bright flowers on the window serve as the best decoration of any interior, especially since it is now in trend.

When buying any thing for an eco-style home, awareness is taken into account. Natural materials are of paramount value in such a space. Flax, cotton, wool, rattan, wood, bamboo, natural stone and even algae. As an eco-style apartment decor, things made with your own hands are relevant. A picture drawn by children’s hands, wicker baskets made of natural fibers, macrame panels, clay vases on the table, a knitted blanket or tablecloth, and so on will become wonderful elements of eco-style.

When choosing a technique, the most important thing will be the energy saving class and minimalism.


The color scheme of eco-style interior design is limited only by your imagination, but more often adherents of this style prefer natural colors: shades of brown, gray, green, black with bright inclusions.

This style does not like overloaded space, rich decoration, abundance of decorative details. Restrained modesty on the verge of expensive minimalism.

It is perfect for people who dream of living in a country house, of being close to nature and caring for it. It is chosen by those who think about the resources of the planet. Individuals who go to contribute to the preservation of our world.

Trends in eco renovation Trends in eco renovation Trends in eco renovation Trends in eco renovation

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Trends in eco renovation

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