InteriorHigh-tech interior design
High-tech interior design

High-tech interior design

High-tech interior design. Have you ever paid attention to the interiors of houses from science fiction films? Steel and chrome, silvery radiance, light pouring out of nowhere as if by itself, clear lines, angularity and a sense of cosmic expanse. This is the high-tech style.

High-tech interior

High-tech interior decor

History of origin

Hi-tech in English means “high technology”. And this is its main characteristic. And the first examples of it, both in architecture and design, began to appear during the beginning heyday of highly intelligent mechanisms and machines – in the 1970s of the last century. Its creators and the first propagandists are considered to be the British: James Stirling, Richard Rodgers, Nicholas Grimshaw and Norman Foster. It was they who developed and put into practice the main features of this style.


Hi-tech: History of origin

Characteristic features of the hi-tech style

The most basic feature of the hi-tech style fully reflects its name: this is an artistic interpretation in interior design of the latest achievements in the field of high technology. Simply put, in such houses, monitors, sensors, screens and any equipment are the same decoration as in the homes of our grandmothers there were mats, napkins, elephants, fans and so on.

As an addition to the aesthetics of technology, there is an abundance of glass and metal in the interior. Therefore, the main color here is silver, metallic. But recently, other acid-bright colors have been assumed, as an accent antagonist to the main color.

Characteristic features of the hi-tech style

features of the hi-tech style

Of course, such a design assumes only straight lines and angular shapes without any smoothing and rounding. All the decor elements are designed in the style of cubism and constructivism.

Spot lighting and multi-layered, such that the effect of the atmosphere of space and spaciousness is created.

And now let’s look at what materials can be used to bring these basic features of high-tech to life.

hi-tech style

hi-tech design style

Interior decoration

Traditional high-tech housing should ideally resemble a spaceship equipped with all technical innovations. Therefore, materials for such repairs are used super-modern.

Traditional high-tech housing

Traditional high-tech


The main covering of the walls is concrete or plaster without any textures or textures. The walls should be perfectly smooth, which requires a very high-quality finish coating. The color is solid: mostly white, but there may be another cold shade: gray, metallic, cold wood, black. Well, if you want to somehow soften the industriality of this style a little, use high-tech wallpaper. They will fit perfectly into the interior concept. In addition, due to the variety of their design, you can play with shades of color and choose the ones you like.

high-tech walls

house in high-tech style


The hi-tech interior does not involve central lighting. There is no place for chandeliers hanging in the center of the ceiling. But a huge number of lamps are used: spot, stationary, built-in, hidden. In general, the light should give a sense of mystery, as in space films and highlight objects so that they seem to float in the air.

hi-tech lighting

hi-tech interior does not involve central lighting


The furniture should also be soaring. No, we do not urge you to delve into the theory of magic tricks and invite famous illusionists to help as designers. It is enough to use built-in furniture with wall mounts and installations to achieve this effect.

In general, all furniture should have clear strict lines, a solid color that can be contrasting to the main one in this room, but also designed in a cold range. The main materials for its manufacture are metal and glass. If wood is used, then it is masked under glass, making the surfaces perfectly glossy.

Recently, the use of rounded lines has become possible in high-tech furniture. But even in this case, the clarity of the forms can be traced: all these lines adhere to the forms of a circle, oval, ellipse, which corresponds to the traditions of constructivism.

high-tech furniture

high-tech furniture in house


Textiles and hi-tech are probably not compatible things. It can be said that in this interior it does not exist at all. Here even curtains are used straight, laconic, not creating any folds. And ideally, the windows are covered with blinds. In rare cases, with the right selection, a small carpet can be thrown on the floor, merging with the main coating.

A rare allowance for pillows and bedspreads can be made for the bedroom. But in this case, the textiles should be completely contrasting to the general background.

Textiles and hi-tech

high-tech furniture design

Hi-tech style in the interior of rooms

In accordance with all these rules, decorating a room without violating the hi-tech style is not an easy task. It can be done either by a professional designer, or by a person with a very good observation and fine taste. A good help in this will be the films “Star Trek”, “Ghost”, “Passengers”, where high-tech interiors are shown.

Hi-tech style in the interior of rooms

Hi-tech style in the interior

Living room

The main accessory of the living room in the hi-tech style is a huge TV corresponding to the latest technology with all the additional systems attached. It is around him that the rest of the decoration of this room is built.

The second most important place in it is occupied by a sofa, which is located opposite the TV. Addition – several armchairs and small tables.

If the room allows, you can make a fireplace or its electronic imitation in the living room. By the way, you should not hide the hood in this case: it will serve as a design element itself.

Hi-tech style in the interior of home

Hi-tech style in the interior of living room

A high-tech aquarium can also be used as a living room decoration: its appearance will perfectly fit into this style.

Well, in order not to overload the room with details, everything else is here – walls, floors and ceilings should be perfectly smooth and inconspicuous. Therefore, self-leveling floor technology is often used for floors, in which a surface without seams is obtained. Ceilings – stretch, glossy. The walls are concrete. By the way, you can also use hi-tech wallpaper in the living room, which will allow you to zone the room, among other things.

Also, when decorating the living room, you should pay attention to the panoramic windows: they will give the necessary feeling of light and spaciousness.

Hi-tech style in the interior

high-tech aquarium


The bedroom is a place where this cool and very correct style can relax a little. You can even use some textile elements here: a small carpet, bedspreads, interior pillows.

But the main focus should still be on the bed: ideally, it should resemble designs from films of the future. Among the technological innovations, it is worth using an orthopedic mattress, a floor heating system and a motion sensor and a sound sensor to turn on and off the lighting. Perhaps this is how, having warmed their feet on the warm, people of the future rest.

high-tech bedroom

high-tech bedroom design


This place is the quintessence of high-tech style, brought to you by a leading remodeling company specializing in kitchen remodeling. Here you can and should use all the latest smart achievements of science: program the stove to cook dinner for your arrival; turn on the kettle with a smartphone, put water and air filtration sensors, finish off sockets controlled by voice, smartphone, and timer, and much more that advanced science has already prepared for us.

Visually, this sense of the future will be supported by perfectly glossy surfaces that mystically reflect light, chrome fittings, and, of course, perfect order and always empty all surfaces of tables and countertops, meticulously crafted by our kitchen remodeling experts.

By the way, in a small apartment, it is quite acceptable to combine the kitchen with the living room, using a metal bar counter as a zoning. But in this case, they must be kept in a single color scheme, a design choice that our remodeling company can help you achieve seamlessly.

high-tech style for kitchen

high–tech design for kitchen


The nursery is one of the most difficult rooms for high–tech design. It is very difficult for a child to live in black and white order and emasculation, and it is not useful for the development of his psyche. Therefore, a slightly different color scheme is used here: blue-blue or cold-pastel. One of the walls can be decorated with wallpaper with abstract drawings, an image of a city or space.

high–tech design for a child room

high–tech design for your room

It is easier to keep the angular shape of furniture. But the use of built–in cabinets is, perhaps, a godsend for both parents and the child – it’s easier to maintain order this way.

And of course, no child will refuse a bed with LED lighting – children love such comfort, giving them a sense of security. And they will happily agree that you equip the room with all sorts of technical innovations: without this, modern schoolchildren can no longer imagine their lives.

high–tech furniture

high–tech furniture design

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High-tech interior design

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