DesignCountry style in the interior: how to create a rustic style
Country style in the interior: how to create a rustic style

Country style in the interior: how to create a rustic style

Sociologists say that now our life is fundamentally changing and society is moving from industrial to post-industrial. And this means that more and more people are ceasing to be motivated biorobots, moving away from the endless race for external benefits and thinking more and more about the environment and their inner state. At least where we always feel like ourselves – at home. And for this, the country style in the interior is the best fit.

style in the interior

Country style in the interior

Style in the interior

Characteristic features

The most basic thing is the use of natural materials or materials imitating them in the decoration. Preference is given to wood here. Everything is made of it: furniture, floors, walls, windows and even the ceiling, using decorative beams somewhere, and functional decorative beams somewhere.

Wood is also used for decoration: they imitate or make real shutters on windows or false windows. It is used to make window frames and chandeliers.

In combination with wood in the country style, stone is also used, but in a smaller volume. It looks very good in wall decoration, especially over the fireplace. The fireplace, by the way, is another feature of this rustic style.

wood decor

wood interior style

wood home decor

The walls in such an interior should be plain, but the color accents are made with textiles. It uses only joyful tones and no gloominess.

Various hand-made items are very appropriate in such an interior: frames decorated in decoupage or shabby chic technique, patchwork bedspreads, as well as wooden boxes, chests, frames from vintage sewing machines as coffee tables.

And do not forget about the plants: what a village without them. Ficuses in wooden tubs, geraniums in clay pots, convolvulus – all these are necessary attributes of the country style.


room interior

Varieties of country style

Like any other style, country music has its own varieties, formed under the influence of the geographical location of the country, national characteristics, culture and even nature. Let’s look at the features of each of them.

country style interior

interior country style

country style decor

English country music

English country music, like the English themselves, is more restrained and thorough. Furniture is solid, high–quality, massive, often made of valuable wood. No less massive and solid sofas, armchairs, beds. It is precisely in this kind of style that wood is preferred in interior decoration. Textiles are most often checkered – the influence of a close Scotland. But carpets in the oriental manner, as a reminder of the colonial period in the history of the country.

The British are also very fond of patchwork – patchwork sewing, with which various bedspreads are made. And one more of their chips is ribbon embroidery. Pillows and paintings decorated in this technique can very often be found in the interiors of English houses.

English country interior

interior decoration

country interior decoration

American country music

American country is pragmatic, like America itself. Therefore, there is an abundance of leather furniture with metal inserts – for durability. Stone is preferred in the decoration: it prevails over wood. Carpets replace animal skins. And the obligatory sign of the American rustic style is a fireplace in the living room, a real one, with a live fire, and a stack of firewood, which serves as both a material for kindling and one of the interior’s chips.

leather furniture


wood country design

French country music

The first thing that comes to mind when you say “French village” is lavender. And yes, it is lavender shades, as well as other pastel shades – beige, milky, pale yellow, bluish – that define the style of French country. In another way, it is also called “Provence” – after the name of one of the regions of the country, which was given the name by the Greeks: “provincia”, which then the French began to pronounce in their own way.

And, like everything provincial, this style is easy and uncomplicated. And such a mood is given to him by the abundance of floral ornaments both in textiles and in wall decoration. But since such ornaments are very difficult to adjust to each other according to the pattern, so as not to waste your time and nerves on it, choose seamless wallpaper. It will be much easier to cope with repairs with them.

French country design

French country decor

Italian country music

Italians are very fond of pomp and gold. And this feature of their mentality is reflected even in the uncomplicated country. Here, along with the usual furniture traditional for this style, the decoration and design elements use splendor, brightness, brilliance and ornateness borrowed from the Baroque and Rococo. In the Italian country, paintings stylized as medieval masters do not seem at all alien; carved furniture legs, ornate vases and lamps.

And large arched wooden and window openings are often used here: Italians really like to have a lot of light in the room.

Italian country design

design elements

living room design

Swiss country

Those who have ever been skiing and lived in a chalet are well acquainted with Swiss country music – this is the second name of this style.

Initially, the chalet is a shepherd’s house. Therefore, traditionally, that uncomplicated, rough atmosphere is maintained in it. Simple wood and stone decoration of walls and ceiling, chopped furniture, a minimum of decor.

But it is necessary to have a large stove-fireplace in the middle of the dwelling, near which it is so good to warm up after long walks in the winter Alps.

Simple wood and stone decoration

wood and stone decoration

wood desing

German country music

The peculiarity of this kind of rustic style is primarily due to the nature of the Germans. Restraint and pedantry are his main features. Here even the furniture is arranged in a certain order, although it is not customary to adhere to this in country style.

And another feature of such interiors is the decoration of the ceiling and walls with dark wooden logs. Interconnected horizontal and diagonal elements – pillars, beams and braces – were traditionally used in the construction of German peasant houses, called half-timbered. Today, of course, other technologies are used in construction, but in interior decoration this is one of the ways to pass on traditions and immerse yourself in the old days.

German country

German country decor

German country style

Russian country

This is a familiar grandmother’s house in the village for all of us. The one where you always feel like a child, who has a big long and bright life ahead of him, but it’s easy and joyful at heart.

Indeed, it is very easy to breathe in such houses, because these are log houses made of massive logs. Russian country does not involve any of the interior decoration, so the same logs remain indoors.

But still, this style does not look rude and brutal, because exactly the opposite things are used in the design. It is based on lace knitted or embroidered tablecloths, curtains in the Richelieu technique on windows, self-woven paths, rugs and rugs, patchwork bedspreads and pillows. All this makes the interior very warm and homely.

Russian country decor

Russian country design

How to create a country style interior

The general features of the country style require a specific embodiment. And here is a little instruction on how to bring a little stylish modern village into your home.

how to create a country style interior

create a country style interior

country style interior


The walls in the interior of the country style are mostly plain, with the exception, perhaps, of the French Provence style and Italian.  In it, paintings or frescoes replacing them are traditionally used to give chic and luxury. And you can also decorate your house with such, now this technology is well developed and very affordable.

Well, in order not to violate the general stylistic concept, use seamless Eco wallpaper.

walls in the interior of the country style

interior of the country style


Only natural materials are used for finishing the floor. Most often it is an ordinary or parquet board. In some cases, they can be replaced with high-quality laminate. Separate areas, for example, near the fireplace or working in the kitchen, can be laid out with stone or environmental materials that replace it. The colors of the floor should be natural.

Floor Remodeling




In this style, no pretentiousness is welcome for the ceiling. The ceiling should be smooth, calm, white. The only thing that is allowed is its decoration with decorative beams or logs of dark tones.


Ceiling design

design of Ceiling


Country–style color corresponds to its main principle – environmental friendliness and proximity to nature. Therefore, yellow, cream, ivory, gray and brown, beige, gray-green, mint and blue, pink, green, terracotta, white, wood shades are used in the decoration of the room.

Country–style color

decoration of the room


Quality and thoroughness are the main qualities by which you need to choose furniture for decorating a room in a rustic style. Preference is given to massive cabinets, tables, chairs, stools, armchairs, because like everything peasant, they must stand firmly on the ground.

Antique restored furniture is also appropriate in this style. If you inherited a forged chest, a sideboard, Viennese chairs, bookcases and even a wooden chiffonier from your grandmother or great-grandmother, do not rush to throw them away. A few simple restoration techniques and they will attract the admiring glances of your guests.

furniture for decorating a room

furniture for decorating a room in a rustic style

Antique restored furniture


Supporting the principle of proximity to nature, lighting for country-style rooms should be chosen with yellow light. Accordingly, no neon lamps and halogen lamps. In the center of the room there is usually a chandelier, often wooden or imitating wood. And spot light is placed throughout the home: sconces, table lamps, lamps and floor lamps with cozy lampshades resembling handmade.

country-style rooms

country-style design

design country-style rooms


By the way, in the decor, preference is given to handmade things. All kinds of tablecloths, napkins, capes, bedspreads will always be appropriate here: knitted, patchwork, homespun, braided lace.

There must be curtains on the windows, but without pretentiousness, excessive folds and lambrequins. Most often these are ordinary canvases made of natural fabric with ruffles to match.

But the most important feature of the woven country decor is bright, cheerful colors, in contrast to the monochrome walls, placing accents in the room.

Otherwise, handmade panels are used in the decor, for example, in the macrame technique. And, of course, a large number of living green plants of different sizes and shapes.


woven country decor

handmade decor

Photo interior ideas in country style

There is a wonderful Russian saying: it is better to see once than to hear ten times. Therefore, we have put together for you a small photo collection with different variants of country style. Watch, be inspired, create.

Photo interior ideas in country style

Interior ideas in country style

interior idea in country style

Photo interior in country style

interior design country

In conclusion, creating a rustic country style in your interior can bring warmth, charm, and a sense of simplicity to your living space. By incorporating key elements such as natural materials, earthy colors, vintage pieces, and rural-inspired decor, you can achieve the cozy and inviting atmosphere that defines this timeless design aesthetic.

To embark on your journey to transform your home into a rustic haven, consider enlisting the expertise of a reputable remodeling company. They can help you bring your vision to life, ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully executed, from selecting the right materials to arranging the perfect layout. With their assistance, your rustic country interior can truly become a retreat where you can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and embrace the tranquility of the countryside.

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Country style in the interior: how to create a rustic style

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